National Support Scheme for Latvian Partners

In order to encourage Latvian partners in the implementation of joint projects within European Territorial Cooperation (Interreg) programmes 2014-2020, including ENI CBC programmes, special mechanism of financial support from Latvian State Budget is established for approved projects with signed Subsidy Contracts.

100% state budget pre-financing for

  • Planning Regions;
  • Line Ministries and their subordinated organizations (agencies, inspections, services, universities, etc.).

Planning Regions, as well as Line Ministries and their subordinated organizations through the relevant Line ministries, may apply for full pre-financing from the State Budget by indicating full necessary amount as well as its annual breakdown for the implementation of the project.

5% state budget co-financing for:  

  • Municipalities and their established organizations;
  • Municipalities and state enterprises;
  • Non-governmental organizations.

Application for 5% state budget co-financing should be submitted to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development of Republic of Latvia (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry) within 3 months after signing of the Subsidy Contract and Partnership Agreement. The Ministry within a month evaluates the application and takes the decision on the allocation of state budget co-financing. After signing the contract about the state budget co-financing allocation with the relevant project partner, the Ministry transfers advance payment 90% of the allocated amount and remaining 10% - when the project final report is verified by the Financial Controller.

Contact person in the Ministry: Ms Dita Ķikule (; +371 67026462)

NB! Each Project Partner (within each Project) who would like to receive 100% pre-financing or 5% national co-financing should apply separately in accordance with relevant national framework and procedure.

Legal framework for State Budget financing:

  • Rules of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia No.200 “Procedure on the allocation of State Budget resources to beneficiaries from the Republic of Latvia implementing projects within ESIF European Territorial Co-operation Programmes” (approved on 22 April 2015)
  • Rules of Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia No.113 “Procedure on the planning and payments of State Budget resources for the implementation of programmes and projects under ESIF European Territorial Co-operation” (Approved on 3 March 2015)

More information in Latvian language HERE.