Estonia-Latvia partner day 2019 "Talking Results"

Estonia-Latvia partner day 2019
11:00 - 17:00
+371 29274310
Alūksnes Kultūras centrs - Brūža iela 7, Alūksne-LV-4301 
Vineta Šnore 


We invite to attend an event organised by Estonia-Latvia programme about the EST-LAT programme results.

The programme has reached the peak in terms of active projects and expenditures. It has entered the sweet stage of the programme where we can see and appreciate the results.

Event now is open to anybody that is interested in the programme results, not only project partners!

It is planned to hold discussions on the impacts in three main fields that programme has supported - tourism, business and environment.

During the product fair "Developed in EstLat Cooperation" partners will demonstrate each product or service that is created as a result of Estonian-Latvian cooperation.

In addition, this day is a good opportunity for project partners to address the issues that they have encountered and there is a need to communicate them to the representatives of the programme.


Agenda of the planned event has been supplemented and can be viewed on EST-LAT website - HERE



Plan your participation
in the Estonia-Latvia partner day 2019 "Talking Results"
on 3 October, 2019!

Registration will be required to participate. Registration will be open end of summer 2019.


Garden Pearls Open Days

Friday, 2.August - Sunday, 4.August
Lelde Beņķe 

26-28 July in Estonia and 2-4 August in Latvia will see over 30 park and garden owners open their gates to garden enthusiasts and travellers as part of the first ever Garden Pearls Open Days event. Each owner has put together a special offer or e


In Estonia, visitors are welcome at parks and gardens in South Estonia and on the islands of Saaremaa and Muhu: Maie Aed (Maie’s Garden), Portselaniaed (Porcelain Garden), Norga Talu iluaed (Norga Farm Garden), Kaevandi Talu (Kaevandi Farm), Panga Talu (Panga Farm Rose Garden), Audru Kirik (Audru Church Arboretum), Loosilma Talu aed (Loosilma Farm Garden), Tamme Aiandustalu (Tamme Garden Centre), Rapina Aianduskool (Rapina School of Gardening), Mikko Talu-Südametega aed (Mikko Farm Heart Garden), Risttee Talu taimeaed (Risttee Farm vegetable garden), Rannametsa Arboreetum (Rannametsa Arboretum), Seitsme Tuule Aed (Garden of Seven Winds), Karstna mois (Karstna Manor), Saare-Torvaugu Aiand (Saare-Torvaugu Garden), Sangaste Loss aed (Sangaste Castle Garden), Lepiku – Mardi Talu Kollektsioonaed (Lepiku – Mardi Farm Garden). 


In North Latvia, visitors are welcome at Kārļamuiža Landscape Park and Orchard, Kokmuiža Park, Daugava Museum, Jaunrūjas Farm, Lēdurgas dendroparks (Lēdurga Arboretum), Terneja Park, Oleri Manor Park, the University of Latvia Botanical Garden, the University of Latvia rhododendron nursery - Babīte, Turaida Museum Reserve Forest Park, Kalsnava Arboretum, O.Kiršteina daiļdārzs (Kiršteins’ Decorative Garden), Cīruļi Farm and Raunas Stādi nursery.

All offers are compiled on the Garden Pearls Open Days map HERE

The open days are being hosted by garden and park owners who are involved in Garden Pearls - an Estonia–Latvia programme project. The aim of the project is to encourage the development of garden tourism in Latvia and Estonia, and to position Latvia and Estonia as a joint garden tourism destination. 
Latvia and Estonia boast a diverse range of nurseries, botanical and decorative gardens, historical manor parks, farm gardens and arboretums. The project’s lead partner in Latvia is Vidzeme Tourism Association.